Monthly books update (10.2018)

Another month and another few books read. This time 4 new titles and one that I have already read some time ago.

October books

Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, by Yuval Noah Harari

The follow up to the Sapiens book that I have read in september. This time about the future of humankind. What awaits us, what will change and how it will change. It makes you think, fuels your imagination in positive and negative ways. Interesting book.

Crushing It!, by Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vee, the legend. If you are thinking about building a company and using social media, get this book. It contains many tips on how to use social media with real life examples and success stories of people who built their own brands from the ground up.

Oh, and get the audiobook, it’s updated a bit and contains some additional remarks from Gary.

Zaufanie, czyli waluta przyszłości. Moja droga od zera do 7 milionów z bloga, by Michał Szafrański

This one is in polish, It’s a sort of autobiography of a blogger, Michał Szafrański, who left his day job and built his blog and personal brand with a great success. It contains many tips, warnings, examples and case studies that if you are thinking about going on a similar path, are worth to know about.

Ego Is the Enemy, by Ryan Holiday

An interesting look at our ego, how important it is, how it affects our lives, how we can hurt ourselves by not taming our ego.
It contains many stories of historical figures and other famous people, with examples of how they choose to use their ego and how it affected their actions.
It is a second time that I have read this book, and this time I found some new things that I found valuable for me at this point. I will for sure come back to this book in the future.

Uncompromising Honor (Honor Harrington #14), by David Weber

Last part of great, long space opera. I’ve started these series many years ago, it was a great journey, with many plots, espionage, politics, assassinations, big space battles, pirates and everything you may ever want in military space opera. It’s just awesome as a whole universe.
The worst thing in this book is that it is the last part 🙁

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