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Category: Get Noticed! 2017

Get Noticed! 2017 competition

4Developers 2017 – summary

The 2017 4Developers Festival has come to a pass and it was awesome! For me, this is the obligatory conference that I plan to attend every year from now on. I have been on total o 7 hours of lectures and 2 hours of discussion. All of this time was worth it. Only one lecture of these was a bit weaker, but it still was really informative!

Oh, and you can get cool cups there too 😉

Here’s a quick summary of the most interesting things for me.

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Fun with RxJava 2 and Retrofit

RxJava and Retrofit. Two really good java libraries that I recently started playing with. RxJava is a java implementation of Reactive Streams standard. It is a specification of API for processing asynchronous processing of streams. RxJava, now in version 2, is a pretty mature implementation of standard and offers a wide array of tools for use with streams. It supports basic operations like map, reduce, filtering, grouping, joining, sorting, time operations like delay, timeout, interval, window, error handling with retrying and many more. Its API is just huge, it probably has everything you may need.

Retrofit is something different and much more simple. It’s just a HTTP client library, a typed HTTP client library! It lets you easily define a java interface for remote Rest service with just a few annotations. Thanks to this, you can use your rest service like plain, local, java service, just invoke a method, pass parameters and get the results, simple as that. Oh, and it has support for RxJava, so these two play with each other really nice.


Documenting Spring Boot REST services

Documentation is important, everybody knows this, especially when you are the one who needs to use some third party service or library. Without good documentation it’s often a living hell, it’s like walking through a minefield. You carefully take step after step, praying that things won’t blow up. That’s why you HAVE to create documentation, especially for your libraries and REST services. Another important thing about documentation is that you have to update it whenever code changes because the only worse thing than no documentation is wrong documentation, a documentation that is not valid for the current code base.

So if everybody knows about this, it should be ok, right? Wrong. Developers hate creating documentation and they do not do it unless it is really necessary or someone makes them do it – and unfortunately that statement is also true for me. Creating documentation is not bad, but maintaining it, may be hard, especially when you have a critical bug after bug to fix, and deadlines closing in – you just don’t have time to do it.

But there is hope… you can generate it!


Week #0 – It’s about to begin…

Get Noticed competition is starting soon. Only a few days left for registration. If you didn’t do it yet, do it, I assure you that it will be a great experience.

For me, it is already great, I really enjoy writing posts, it allows me to express myself, to give something back to The Internet. Yes, I know, it sounds a bit weird. But most of my professional knowledge comes from the internet, from the Stack Overflow, from the examples on GitHub, from numerous blog posts about various technologies. When I didn’t know much, all these things helped me tremendously. It allowed me to learn at my own pace, I could learn what I wanted to, what was interesting for me or what I needed at work. Everything at a click of a Google Search button.

We are really lucky to live in times when it is so easy to learn all the stuff. You just need time and motivation, and you can create anything, even if you have no idea how.

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