New Project: Effective Spring

Often we don’t know how to use certain technology, we blindly look for tips and gather code snippets from different places of internet hoping to somehow glue it all together in a working application, for better or worse.

We lack understanding of why we are doing some things, why that snippet looks like that, why it has that kind of structure and, the most important, how it fits into our application. We do not understand what we are actually doing by adding that code to our application.

I don’t have an universal answer to those questions, but basing on my own experience I have decided to somehow structure my knowledge of Spring technology, starting with Spring Boot in a form of a free eBook.

Unfortunately, this project will be in Polish, so if you are not familiar with this beautiful language it may be not so useful for you, but if that doesn’t scare you I invite you to where you can get the book with a weekly valuable content about good Spring practices and more.