Start of a journey

Hello world?

Welcome dear visitor, welcome to my humble blog, my first ever blog actually. It’s something totally new for me but I thought about doing something like this for some time already and why not start doing this now instead of later?

What will this blog be about? Probably about programming, software engineering, software architecture and all the stuff around these topics that for me are fascinating. I just love creating stuff, doesn’t matter if it’s from bits and bytes, Lego blocks or something completely different, the feeling upon completion is amazing, the feeling of success, even if my program doesn’t work completely like I would want it to, and this happens really often. But failures are ok, failure gives you the ability to learn from it and correct your error, and this gives, even more, joy. I had my fair share of bugs that I have created over 8 years of my Java developer career, I have created some good software and some bad, probably like every developer, and I am still creating more and more, but this time I will try to write about my successes and failures so that some other people could learn from them too.

Get Noticed!

Recently, friend (Michał) told me about a new edition of “Get Noticed!” competition also known as “Daj Się Poznać” in polish. It’s the second edition of competition started by polish developer community at Well, it’s not really a competition but more of a challenge, a challenge for myself to build an open source project in 10 weeks, with blog posts documenting the whole process.

That’s all that is required, 10 weeks, any technology, any blog with at least 2 posts per week (one about the project, others about anything IT related) and source code must be hosted on public GitHub repository. Sounds easy, isn’t it?

As most of the developers out there, I have a pretty long list of stuff to try and technologies to learn, but most of the time I can’t find free time for all of these little projects, but is it really lack of time? or just not enough motivation? That’s why this will be a challenge for me, will I manage to do it and get something out of it? some knowledge, some experience, maybe I’ll get to know some new people, who knows.

I have few possible projects on my mind that I could try to do, and few technologies to learn while creating them, but I haven’t decided yet which one to choose, I still have time until the start of march, when the competition starts.

But stay tuned, in my next posts I will write about my possible projects and what I plan to learn from them.

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