Week #10 – The end

Get Noticed 2017 competition is coming to the end and here are few of my thoughts about it.

First of all, it looks like that I have failed to adhere to the requirement of posting 2 posts per week for 10 weeks. I missed one week at the end. I could not find enough free time to do it. Of course, I could write few sentences about anything, so that requirements would be met, but that didn’t feel right for me.

Commutee app is also not finished, I had pretty broad plans for it. With the web and mobile clients. With some cloud deployment etc. After a month, I already knew that I have to limit the scope of this project, I knew that I won’t have enough time. So I cut the plans to the backend service only. That sounded doable. But here I have also failed and didn’t finish it in time.

So, is it a failure? Hell no!

Here are few things that I have gained from this competition.

First, this blog. I have discovered that writing is a great thing. It allows me to express myself a bit, helps me learn new stuff because I have to have an in-depth understanding of the topic that I am writing about. This forces me to learn more, to broaden my knowledge, to write example code and try all these stuff in practice, and not just learn by reading about theory.

Another thing is that I started writing code and sharing it on GitHub. It is nothing special, few examples here and there. All of this code is useful mostly only for me, it saves me the time of searching for information on things that I knew how to do but forgot. Now I can have it in my own repository as an example that I understand and implemented in a way that I prefer. It’s great!

I have also started attending meetups and conferences. I have no idea why I haven’t done this earlier. I went to few Java meetups, one with a great presentation by Kevlin Henney – it was a blast! Few more about different topics, including microservices. I have been to 4Developers conference some time ago, and Code Europe last week (I’ll write some about it soon). And I want more! The next one is Confitura in Warsaw in July, that one should be great also!

All these conferences and meetups made me want to create some kind of presentation also. It made me want to teach people about something, to become a trainer of something. I don’t know yet what it will be, but the first step will soon be made, as I will have to make a presentation for my company with the summary of Code Europe conference 🙂


As you see, I didn’t manage to meet my goals, but I still have gained a lot. So I count it as a WIN for me.

I will keep on writing posts on this blog for sure, maybe not so often, but I plan to write posts that will be helpful for some people. I already have few posts planned and only thing that I need now is some free time to write 🙂




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