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Category: Commutee

All about Commutee app

Week #5 – Ports and Adapters

Another week has come to a pass and unfortunately, I did not manage to work on a project at all – again. But I have some ideas that may push the progress a bit forward. As I have been on conference week ago I heard some new buzzwords, saw few interesting technologies and architecture patterns so it would be good to test them out. I’m thinking about using Consumer-Driven Contracts for designing REST API for Commutee, but it is still far from that stage of the project. For now, let’s try Hexagonal architecture! The ports and adapters approach. I will probably overengineer it, but hell, better here than in production 🙂

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Commutee functional requirements

When you want to create an application, first, you have to know what this app will do. That’s a pretty important thing to know. You may know technology, know how to use it, how the user interface will look like, how data will be stored, but if you don’t know what this app have to do, you won’t be able to make it. An application must have some use cases so that users would use it for something. But wait, we know what will Commutee do, it will find me a route from here to where I want to get to, right? Yes and no. That is a general idea, but we need more than that to even start thinking about the implementation.

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