New Project: Effective Spring

Often we don’t know how to use certain technology, we blindly look for tips and gather code snippets from different places of internet hoping to somehow glue it all together in a working application, for better or worse. We lack understanding of why we are doing some things, why that snippet looks like that, why

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Spring Boot REST – request validation

Creating REST endpoints has become pretty popular. All these microservices, APIs, simple backend applications for the frontend javascript apps often use REST for communication. But sometimes, requests that are made toward them may have errors. Bad format, missing required values, missing properties. How to handle it? Let’s see.

Documenting Spring Boot REST services

Documentation is important, everybody knows this, especially when you are the one who needs to use some third party service or library. Without good documentation it’s often a living hell, it’s like walking through a minefield. You carefully take step after step, praying that things won’t blow up. That’s why you HAVE to create documentation,

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