New Project: Effective Spring

Often we don’t know how to use certain technology, we blindly look for tips and gather code snippets from different places of internet hoping to somehow glue it all together in a working application, for better or worse. We lack understanding of why we are doing some things, why that snippet looks like that, why

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Ports and Adapters in a monolith

Some time ago I wrote about Ports and Adapters architecture, where domain logic is completely separated from infrastructure logic, like database connection, rest controllers, clients etc. It’s is great if you have external dependencies and you want to just test your domain logic without the need for low-level mocking of dependencies. But what if you

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A summary of Code Europe 2017 in Warsaw

Code Europe 2017 has come to a pass. It was really fun, there were many interesting talks about all the possible stuff, from Big Data, through Microservices and Serverless, to WebVR, React and all other frontend stuff. Here are few topics that I found interesting.

4Developers 2017 – summary

The 2017 4Developers Festival has come to a pass and it was awesome! For me, this is the obligatory conference that I plan to attend every year from now on. I have been on total o 7 hours of lectures and 2 hours of discussion. All of this time was worth it. Only one lecture of

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