Code Europe, again!

Another Code Europe in 2017 just took place in Warsaw, if you missed, just like I did, you can still check it out on 9th of December in Wrocław. Here are some lectures that in my opinion are worth to go and listen if you can.

First of all, what is Code Europe? It’s a programming conference that takes place in three major cities in Poland, in Cracow, Warsaw and Wrocław and just now, the third edition is happening as I’m writing this. This time, with 130 speakers, 15 workshops and 150 lectures separated into 10 paths:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Science
  • Future & Inspire
  • Gamedev
  • Java & Scala
  • DevOps & Architecture & Microservices
  • Everything Hardware
  • Programming languages
  • Tomorrow Web
  • Security & Testing

This time, unfortunately, I couldn’t attend because of work. So no summary this time, but I thought of something else. Since only Wrocław left, let’s dig into Wrocław’s schedule, and look for some interesting lectures, at least from my point of view.

  • Have your cake and eat it – an introduction to event-driven architecture by Ryan Townsend @ Shift Commerce
  • 7 Years of DDD: Tackling Complexity in Large-Scale Marketing Systems by Vladik Khononov @ Internovus
  • The Java 9 Module System Beyond The Basics by Nicolai Parlog @ CodeFX
  • Progressive Web Apps: trick or real magic? by Maurizio Mangione @ Accenture
  • How to develop Blockchain network using Hyperledger Composer? by Karolina Marzantowicz @ IBM
  • A developers guide to Machine Learning by Tess Ferrandez @ Microsoft
  • 7 things which you should care about before release your code to production by Mateusz Dymiński @ Nokia
  • Java SE 9, and its hidden treasures walkthrough by Mohamed Taman @ e-finance
  • Microservices epiphany by Kalin Maldzhanski @ Linked.Farm
  • Build serverless applications with ease by Simona Cotin @ Microsoft
  • Agile transformation in a big organization – heaven for business and developers? by Paweł Ostrowski @ Bank Zachodni WBK S.A.
  • Refactoring monolithic component containers to sub-containers by Eugene Petrenko @ JetBrains

That would be my choice for Wrocław, what’s yours? Try it out if you can, you can browse full schedule on Code Europe site, there are many more interesting topics.

If you are not convinced, check out my summary of summer edition of Code Europe that took place in earlier this year.


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